WHFB Giants – Part 0 – Before the Beginning, The Citadel Giant

Now, when I said that Andy’s Giants were from the first range of Giants that Citadel produced I was right, but they weren’t the first actual Giants Citadel produced. This, awesome monster was:

A slotta based Dwarf could stand on its head and be smaller than the head alone !
Now on e-Bay I have seen this go for £1k+, so no I don’t have one yet

Other early Giants included these:

Never identified in any of the Citadel Journals/Compendiums, but the base markings and rumour indicate they might have been done by Tom Meier who was doing some figures for Citadel in the 1983-1984 period. These two are the same height as the first range of giants if somewhat thinner and ganglier than them.
(NB: The one on the left I painted early 1990’s, the one on the right, I bought on e-Bay, so not my paint job but which is better than mine)

And then there are these two:

George the Giant is on the right, as is a normal height 28mm infantry guy from a mysterious regiment due to appear here sometime soon. 😉

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