A Snap Happy Sunny day & Ogre-ow up

At last a hint of sunshine, in the summer !
So out comes the camera so I can provide some proper content.

Man: Is your uh, is your wife interested in….photography, ay? ‘Photographs, ay’, he asked him knowingly?
Squire: Photography?
Man: Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?
Squire: Holiday snaps, eh?
Man: They could be, they could be taken on holiday. Could be yes – swimming costumes. Know what I mean. Candid photography. Know what I mean, nudge nudge.

So, now some photos of the real lead stuff have been taken and stashed away on the hard drive to avoid the last few days’ pitiful attempts at posting anything of consequence.

Ogres and Giants

When GW brought out the Ogre Kingdoms army I liked the figures a lot. Too much ! And dived in getting a fair few of them. However I’ve only played with them once, so due to space considerations in the Playroom, I’m going to have to sell them on. Before I do so, here’s my take on the Ogre Hunter, a very big model, and comes with two nice friendly felines (there’s a pattern here):

There’s some more snaps here, including one of the Ogre’s back side. :-O

Rummaging around in the detritus of the Playroom, I also found the GW plastic giant model I’d swiftly painted and that then reminded me of my other giant figures, which will be the subject of a Giant Series to come later today and the next few days ‘cos there’s going to be an awful lot to say…

No swimsuits though. 😉

And there’ll be some content for AVBCW petrol heads.

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