Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

Just been to the Jubilee party in my village hall/school. Much to my surprise hundreds of people there. Even in the rain.

Even an American president, when he meets the Queen, knows secretly that his status is lower than hers. The Queen has more prestige than anyone else in the world, and she’s ours.

God save the Queen.

So I can freely admit to being a monarchist, freely link to an (allegedly) anti-monarchist punk video, all in one posting. (This is a nuanced posting of my personal political position.)

I wonder how many other heads of state would put up with this ?
How many other heads of state preside over a culture so diverse and creative than this ?

One Response to Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

  1. ruarigh says:

    Just got rid of the outlaws after an exhausting day of hosting old people and small children. It’s been brilliant. The village had a do down on the foreshore, with Vikings (hmm to the historicity but overall pretty good, just the same), beacon lighting and a firework. There were some jubilympic games, morris dancing (black face dancers: were they afraid to be recognised?) and other activities. Overall, I have to say that despite all the comments from Grinches that are FB friends, this event highlighted the sense of community that can be built out of the monarchy and the body of good feeling that you can take home. If all the monarchy ever achieves is to help build communities in this way, then they are still worth having. I, too, am a monarchist as defined by Louis de Bernieres and proud to admit that I find no contradiction in liking both having a constitutional monarchy and enjoying anti-monarchist punk songs. Given that the most likely alternative to a monarchy is a President Thatcher or a President Blair, give me a constitutional monarchy any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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