Mordheim & Necromunda

Our gaming group went through a phase in the late nineties/early noughties of these games. As the light here is so poor, I can’t post an update on my current painting efforts, so here are some archived figures:

Shotgun Shane, my first attempt at greenstuff, modelling a cowboy hat on a Delaque ganager – always loved those spaghetti western cowboys in their dusters…

The Stainless Steel Ratskin…

Goodbye Johnny, named after a James Ray track.

(Here’s a very rough demo of Goodbye Johnny…the proper recorded version is much better ! More demos here.)

Skaven hero…if there is such a thing…a bit too gloss…

And you thought the rats in the sewers these days were big…

Some Flagellants:

More photos are here.

The light levels have improved, so maybe I’ll be back:

(Copplestone Castings Future Wars Robot FW15)

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