WHFB Dark Elf Silver Talons

I’ve mentioned the Silver Talons unit that is in my army a couple of times, and its’ head to head clash with some Orcs has proved to be one of the most popular images looked at on this site.

Dark Elf Spearmen are cheap and cheerful, and the models themselves are over a decade old and look it. When I started building my Dark Elf Army I knocked up about 40 spearmen to act as core units and gave them scant regard. Later, as GW released some bitz packs I got the shields that looked like a talon and decided I’d actually plan and build an entire unit, thus were born the Silver Talons.

All but the hero (Samartik) are basic plastic spearmen, with a few additions from the Corsair and Cold One Knights command sprues. For once, I ranked them up and built the spearmen to actually stand together – something many GW figures do not do without malice of forethought. I planned the command unit and got the metal hero with double handed weapon.

I then equipped them all with the metal shields, and chose the standard carefully.

Then I wrote up the unit with special items for the Hero.
It’s now one of my trademark units that most of my opponnets recognise.

Of course I also did up a special movement tray as they are a different width of most units.

As they are plastic figures with metal shields, they are top heavy, so I have weighted the bases with off cuts of white metals filled in with various fillers.

They make a nice core unit and stand out easily from the other units especially as they have recognisable iconography and a named hero. This is not Mathammer, its Warhammer. I store each unit together including command, this and other exciting pictures are here.

More of my Dark Elves to come.

One Response to WHFB Dark Elf Silver Talons

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    The Silver Talons are indeed now frequently recognized by the opposing general (usually shortly before they are ground into a fine mulch by my Beastmen or Daemons…) Naming units and characters is a great idea and modelling and painting them accordingly really adds to the fun.

    But what people really need to hear about is the cunning leader of this Dark Elf army, and her honorary appellations…

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