Once upon a time
Not so long ago
There was a little girl and her name was Emily
And she had a shop

There it is
It was rather an unusual shop because it didn’t sell anything
You see, everything in that shop window was a thing that somebody had once lost
And Emily had found
And brought home to Bagpuss
Emily’s cat Bagpuss
The most Important
The most Beautiful
The most Magical
Saggy old cloth cat in the whole wide world


Brigade Games 15mm Sci-Fi buildings

Brigade Models (the UK company, not to be confused with the US Brigade Games) have recently produced some more 15mm Sci-Fi buildings. Their previous efforts look good, but seemed a bit to ‘Mos Eisley’ for my liking, as I enisage a campaign set on a world similar to LV-426 Hadley’s Hope in Aliens. Their newer stuf is a bit more generic, and includes a bunker. So I splashed out and got some.

They were delivered promptly, well packed, and flash free. the underside of one of the outbuildings may need a bit of trimming, but that’s it.

So they were carted off to the garage* where I firstly used GW RoughCoat on the bunker, and then Chaos Black undercoat. I only did the Bunker and outbuilding, as I want to add a few pieces from GZG’s excellent range of scenic accessories to the vila, which will take longer to do and I’ll show the results later in another post. The Bunker came with a separate removable dome roof.

After undercoating (now I’m not going to photo that), I base coated them with GW Astronomican Grey (one of the old Foundation paints), with metal areas being painted Bolt Gun Metal. The detail is quite fine so I took care to too liberally apply paint. Then I gave them all a wash of Badab Black/Devlan Mud.

Giving buildings a wash, with their large flat areas, calls for the opposite of drybrushing. Once when I were a lad (is there a Yorkshire accent html tag ?), I painted the old Airfix la Haye Sainte building one Sunday lunchtime, or rather I weathered it having painted it the basic colours. I used this technique again. Basically wash the building, and then use a kitchen towel to wipe the wash off of the raised areas, and the large flat areas. You can dab the kitchen towel onto large flat areas so you remove most of but not all of the wash. It then ends up with a grimey and I think more realistic look.

The buildings were then highlighted to help bring out the fine details using chainmail on the metal surfaces.

I hope to buy some more of these buildings and improve my painting skills for buildings. These were very nice to paint up.

* AKA “The Secret Room”…the cats love it when I go up there because its full of strange things and small grey furry things that become their new friends, briefly, before the new friends’ batteries run down and then they become dinner. Or mangled remains left for me in the front porch.

Laserburn: Landing Pad 37

Byakhee Rich and I had a game of Laserburn today – 4,000 points each side. For some reason the first half dozen shots were all ranged at 37cm which was very strange (says Rich…Wow its like somebody’s writing what I’m saying*).

I had written up a sort of scenario using the WH40K Rogue Trader rules (p240 onwards, check it out it’s great !), which meant that a rebel force was attacking an Imperial re-supply force. The sub plot was that the vehicle containing the supplies was malfunctioning.

Rich sportingly didn’t react until I had made a move even though he had a high Initiative for some of his guys. (Yup)

The he used his grizzled Veteran armed with a Heavy Bolt Gun….Oh dear, that changed things a lot wiping out my heavy Bolt Gunner and sidekick, and basically messing up most of my forces.

(It’s so effective it feels like cheating. I think that’s a good quote that needs putting in)

However, as the aim was to get the vehicle with load off the table, my gang were targeting with precious little affect the vehicles, until…

Me: ISTR that the rules about vehicles have an issue about fuel cells and mini-nukes. What are the rules for mini-nukes ?
Rich: Ah, they’re pretty devastating, big template, that sort of thing. 5% chance of exploding with a penetrating hit.
Me: Ok.
Rolls dice
Me: 02…ummm….

Scratch one vehicle, two crew, a decked character, one with a serious wound and KO’d, and another knocked over…

Now that was fun. πŸ˜‰

More here.

I didn’t win, but those sorts of rolls certainly make for fun games. It only took 4 hours from start to finish including setting up the board and eating.


  • Arming an Grizzled Veteran with a heavy weapon dominates the game
  • Balancing the scenario with the vehicles was not straight forward – Rich had two APV plus a loader, I had none
  • Vehicles are very difficult to take out
  • Rules full of concepts, but haphazard.

So, we’re thinking about:

  • Writing a proper turn sequence/quick reference sheet
  • Points ?
  • Who can carry what and at what cost (points)
  • Pillage necromunda & Inquisitor

Oh, and a campaign with a tree diagram for scenarios !

* yeah, he’s still here, interjecting comments…

And here’s the Tuna & Sweetcorn Pizza:

WHFB Special Guest Superstar DJ 2: Empire

Here is some of Rich’s Empire army that he is working on – lots of blue as he moans.

As he sez..

It’s better than brown, but not a lot better

Here’s his scratch built Imperial War Altar of Sigmar:

And from the side:

Which he finished just as GW brought out the new Empire Army Book…

So there are leaked previews of the new Empire book about… have to say I’m annoyed about it. On the plus side… I don’t think their war altar is miles better than mine, though they plainly stole my basic design idea…

Here’s the blue…

And some halberdiers:

More here.

Rich says:

I really did start the War Altar design before I had any idea there was a new model coming out. Any resemblance is purely coincidental! The concept is basically a church pulpit on wheels, so I suppose it’s inevitable that the two models are sort of similar… For the sea of blue guys, I got bored of trying to paint freehand banners, so I made the little wolf’s heads by taking moulds from Space Wolf parts and reproducing them in Green Stuff. In the end I stole quite a lot of Space Marine iconography for this army, because I’m lazy like that…

Rich has not yet finished the army, so this will be subject to an update later.

Within the next month (honest)… I’ve got a regiment of knights and some characters to finish, then move trays etc. I have caved in and brought the Demigryph Knights and so on, but those are staying in the boxes until I can face painting blue again!

So there you go !
And Rich has been typing this here in the Dark Tower of Carcosa, because we have just ahd an amusing game of Laserburn…more of which later.

AVBCW Evesham 2010 Big Game

My first game of AVBCW – at the Big Game at Evesham 2010. I arrived knowing no-one other than some fleeting e-mails with Ook! and others on the GWP forum.

I got tossed into the melee, with my BUF guarding a crossroads. I was lent some figures – yes, I didn’t have more than 30 BUF and a tank to field.

My first experience was brutal.

First Ook! deployed his troops opposite me – roughly the same number as mine, but no tank just a truck that was slower than an arthritic snail.

Then a second force deployed. (Rob Bresnan ?)

Heh, I’m ok, I even joked that it was “Too early to start killing civilians”…well I was BUF !
So my first shell from the tank, almost hit the Verger who was having a crafty fag.
The second shell, almost hit the now running Verger.
…this is all due to the artillery deviation dice…
The third shell accidentally hit the verger and killed him…
Each time my target was a viable military one, just the flippin’ dice deviated onto the poor verger…

I am now stereotyped…

Then Big Martin’s SFF (Somerset Freedom Fighters) turned up:

Followed by a Royalist force.

My BUF scarpered quickly after their tank brewed up!!

More here.

The Best Laid Plans of Kings, Byhakees & Mice

I had planned to be showing you some 15mm Sci-Fi buildings from Brigade Models that I have been painting this week. After a sunny start, the great British weather has closed in, and the chance of taking good photos has gone. So I won’t taunt you with the already written ‘How To’ and some dingey photos. The buildings are going to be deployed tomorrow, for the Laserburn game Rich & I are having. So you’ll see them then.

Of course, when I was planning this blog roll, I ensured I had plenty of material and content to avoid shortfalls in updates. Only I forgot to photograph it all.


So my back up plan, of showing some BoB/RCW troops has gone awry. Good job I’d posted a photo many years ago on the BoB Yahoo! Group:

Good job I also have some pictures from my first AVBCW game at Evesham to add. πŸ™‚

US Military’s Scenery !

From today’s Daily Torygraph is a news item:

US scale model of Bin Laden house revealed

(Image from printed edition of the Daily Telegraph)

However, the scale model – featuring razor wire, ivy and a red van that frequently visited the house – was used in the final stages of planning for Operation Neptune Spear, the codename given to the mission to kill the world’s most wanted man.

Full article here.

At a scale of 1 inch to seven feet, that makes it close to 20mm or 1/72nd scale. Sadly the article does not say whether they used scale model soldiers to plan their raid.

Maybe a new career bekons for Scenery Boy ! πŸ˜€

WHFB From the Mists of Time…yet more

The tidy up of my pictures continues, and there’s a huge pile I had added to those that I vaguely remember.

Byakhees, help fill in the gaps !

The second set of photos from the mists of time are obviously from the House of Doom – Jim’s place. They feature Cold Ones in naked plastic.

There are however two more sets of photos, both showing multi player games.

Here’s the third.

Links 2-3-4

Architects of War – Overgrown Hedges

Sometime ago I ordered some stuff from Warlord Games (yeah those hedges errr walls), including the Overgrown hedge set which is actually by Architects of War (in the US). this set was delivered later than the other stuff due to supply issues.

The kit consists of:

  • 40 inches of resin base including two corner sections
  • 6 small trees – Woodland Senics – plastic armatures with rubberised horsehair foliage
  • two packs of more rubberised horsehair in two shades of green
  • some nails

Nails ? The instructions on the AoW website weren’t forthcoming on this…so I set to anyway…

I undercoated, based and then washed the resin bases in my normal way. the bases are nciely detailed with fallen logs, stones and a rabbit hole.

The resin bases have obvious tree roots with holes in them for the trees. they needed a bit of drilling – my first venture into such skills – and they plugged in nicely. Then there were several sets of roots that clearly were for the nails. The nails basically act as an anchor for piles of the horsehair as immature/scrub trees. Again a bit of cleaning out with a sharp knife and some superglue and the nails sat nicely. After painting the nails (Foundry) Bay Brown, I added a big blob of Stupid Glue and pushed a large clump of foliage onto the top of the nail.

The rest of the horsehair foliage was then used to fill in the hedgerows.

(NB: I’ll probably add a bit of static grass before varnishing. There is a Woodlands Scenic tree in the background for comparison and some Musketeer AVBCW LDV figures to indicate size.)

More here.

Overall Results

For an initially pricey Β£30, you do get a fair amount of material for your money. As the trees alone probably tot up to Β£15, and you get extra clump foliage as well as some nice textured bases I think this is on balance worth it.

The resulting hedgrows I could make myself, but with a lot more time and effort. They are certainly much more realistic than the pan scourer hedges I can do, even if I spent more time on those.

Certainly suitable for AVBCW, RCW/BoB, possibly Warhammer and probably WW2 Normandy Bocage.

I’ll be buying another set or two when funds allow.

Free CDs, Duck Tape and Scenery

Buying a newspaper every day I have found I end up with lots of free CDs of music/films I don’t want and you can’t give away easily.

So my brain cell, had an idea – turn them into scenery bases.

Stage One: take free CD, and use Duck Tape to cover the central hole – I use a small cut of Duck Tape both sides to give a good seal:

Stage Two: I spray both sides of the CD with GW Roughcoat, helps give the base texture, and obscure the edges of the Duck Tape.

Stage Three: Paint* & Cover as needed with flock, of the appropriate mix (I have several mixes depending on what type of terrain I want to produce).

Stage Four: Add static grass, rocks and other scenery as required. On the left is a generic patch of bushes, on the right a patch of rocks for Laserburn.

Thus a free CD that would otherwise go to landfill, is turned into:

  • a generic and cheap piece of scenery basing;
  • that doesn’t warp like card;
  • comes in a standard size;
  • can be used to hold ‘scatter’ terrain (and we all know that lichen and other ‘bushes’ fall apart quickly);
  • for large trees and other objects/objectives.

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that I used CD bases for my trees at the AVBCW Battle of Ledbury – very handy as they are large enough to ensure these larger trees don’t topple over every five seconds.

I have also adopted the general rule that figures mostly on or in contact with the CD base count as being in cover as in reality they are sneaking around next to cover. This makes it easy for all concerned.

* Paint for terrain is something I’ll post about shortly.


Duct Tape or Duck Tape – both are correct – see below for the brand name of the Duck/t Tape. πŸ™‚