The Red Horde

I unearthed the Reds I painted years ago…more than 40 ordinary troops:

I varied the troops with red armbands on right/left arms, and also red stripes on their fur hats;

As you can see Mark Copplestone is using a basic ‘dolly’ and tweaking it to achieve about 12 poses for each pack of infantry – not a criticism as many sculptors don’t even manage this number of poses for infantry !:

As a painter though who wants to field 30+ troops it gets too routine:

Hence the different paint jobs, with different markings and paint colours used to further expand the range of inDUHviduality of the figures

And first of the elite troops with the Budenovka:

I used a red/brown paint for the leather helmets, but this does not contrast well with the red stars on the front, so I’m either going to use a brown wash to enhance the difference in colour, or use a darker brown.

Red, Hot & Angry


Rummaging around for the Bolshevik standard bearers I knew I had, I found the Red commanders and characters, I’d also not planned on buying:

All figures by Copplestone Castings.

I have a small number of Bolshies I’ll photo and add shortly.

At this point in time, I was using metal washers, so as you will have seen the Bolshevik army standard bearer was on a smaller base than these characters – I’d decided characters went on larger bases then the peons. You’ll see more of this discrimination when I photograph my Chinese army as they were the first to get painted. The Whites also ‘suffer’ like this and they will all need to be rebased on standard sized bases. Renedra didn’t provide these bases ~10 years ago.


It’s so hot in here it’s running down the walls
And it’s dripping in my eyes from my hair
It’s hot it’s so hot
Living with a family that ate rock and roll
I discovered the golden rule
That big brother wasn’t watching me at all
Watching me at all

From The March Violets’ It’s Hot.

Here, it is very hot weather. Probably as hot as Mexico, and the cats don’t like it. Last month, it rained a lot and they forlornly look out the door, and asked me to “Turn the weather off“. This month, because it is so hot, they look at me and say: “Turn the weather off“. Spades however, has the answer:

Sleep upside down and inside out !


But my two new cats had a Mexicat stand off with Timmy. Timmy is the local feline thug, a Ginger Tom Cat who goes into everyone’s houses. I have found him upstairs in my house, and a neighbour has reported he’d destroyed a blind in order to get in through a window.

Photo is of all of them not looking at each other in the field behind my house by the place they get in/out of my garden.

And I’m angry because I got my hair/bird’s nest cut and they took a chunk out of my fringe so I look odd.
Odder than normal. 😦

In the meantime, I have also done a BBQ for my neighbour, a born again Christian spinster OAP and her friend from the Shetland Isles.
As you do.

Standards & Banners

Buddy you’re a young man hard man
Shoutin’ in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on yo’ face
You big disgrace
Wavin’ your banner all over the place

From Queen’s We Will Rock You

My interests in AVBCW and BoB/RCW seem to have lead me down the path of fielding comparatively modern armies with anachronistic standards and banners.

Here’s some BoB Bolshevik standards – odd as I wasn’t really going to collect them, but then the Oooh, Shiney complex kicked in and the lead mist descended:

And the other sides of the banners – as you can see one has faded badly as I’d left her on the playroom windowsill for a few years and it’s south west facing…

All figures are Copplestone Castings.

And now some AVBCW stuff – BUF – including my Three Counties Legion one (Three Counties = Gloucester, Hereford & Worcestershire:

Figures from Musketeer and Empress Miniatures.

There’s not enough union flags being displayed IMHO in AVBCW games…
Malvern Hills Conservators & Abysinnians operating out of Malvern. Yes, Abysinnians ! See my AVBCW Malvern page.

NB: The two man stand (upper left) is holding a standard with the Malvern Town crest, and was a present to me from Tym – many thanks !

Miniatures by Musketeer and Empress Miniatures (Tym’s are Foundry Darkest Africa)

The AVBCW flags were created using images from the ‘net, printed out.

All the banners were then added to steel pins I got from Foundry, folded over and glued into place using my glue of choice, all purpose clear adehsive which takes a short while to set (shorter than PVA) and so keeps the moulded in wavy effect easier.

I then painted the edges of the flag – a very important tip !

AVBCW A battle on the Welsh Border

Off to Cardiff today with Byakhee JP for a game of AVBCW. Tym and his son Captain Bigglesmay had arranged for a game at Firestorm Games which has a large gaming hall. The scenario was that the expansionist power mad Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire had decided to seize some fertile farm land over the border in Montgomeryshire. However, with plans bigger than his army, he had to call in some of Hereford’s crack Blackshorts and Black Skirts to help out. Meanwhile the Welsh LDVs had organised. As well as Tym, the Captain, JP and myself, Ciderfella and Swiper also turned up and we had some special guest star players to help out from the local gaming club.

The invaders had to cross the River Severn so the bridges became choke points. They did however have the advantage of an armoured train steaming to their help. The defenders set up to cover the bridges.

For the game we used rules for ‘spotting‘ units, so when we first set up we just had blank bits of card to represent Brigades. OR were they ? We also had a few dummy markers to field as well to keep the enemy guessing. Once a unit had been spotted it had to be deployed, OR when it fired it had to be deployed with the actual figures/vehicles/outlandish creations. This was a good idea and Swiper and I kept Ciderfeller in the dark for quite some time with our dummy markers. I think I may well be making some scenic terrain pieces to act as markers. It took a couple of turns of prevarication before the first units were revealed.

JP’s BUF forces lead by Blackshorts and Blackskirts converged on the LDV that were loosely hiding in a woodland and house. Meanwhile the Captain’s French tanks gummed up the works and made the bridge even more of a chokepoint much to the relief of the Welsh LDV.

Then all of a sudden hordes of Shewsbury troops burst across the bridge:

Meanwhile Ciderfeller’s Italian Tankettes and infantry support trudged along the far bank of the River being monitored by the still unrevealed forces of Swiper and myself.

Hard fighting continued with the Welsh LDV gradually pushed back from their first defensive line.

Ironically, it was the last turn that I deployed any troops, and then only the HMG and Mortar were in range and they didn’t hit anything. Still it was a good day, met up with some new people, and had a good time baiting the opposing players – like some bloke who thinks Zummmmerzet is the only county that can make Cyder properly.

More photos here.

EDIT: And yet more photos.

Basing, more fancy stuff

As well as my basic technique, I also do a few other things with my bases.

Firstly, here’re some old Citadel Ogres that I did for Mordheim:

I use textured plasticard to represents cobbles, simple card squares for flagstones, and chopped up plastic sprue as rubble. The Ogres are (left to right) Chronicle, Citadel mid ’80’s, Mordheim late ’90’s, more Citadel mid ’80’s. The basing tray was painted and flocked with my usual method, and is on the the GW modular plastic kits.

Next, is a viginette set from Empress Miniatures – their command squad (RCOM1, at the bottom of the page).

As the seated officer and table were four separate pieces, I was going to have to do some extra basing work, and then of course there was the horse and handler plus radio man…so as I intended this to be my BUF Brigade Command for AVBCW and as there are options for political officers, standard bearers etc, I thought I’d do a special base for them all.

I used a free CD and prepped it in the usual way. I added a medium thickness piece of card and cut three extra holes in it for the extra command figures so I could mix and match my troops. I get different thickness’ of card from artist supply shops as they stock quite a range (as well as chopping up breakfast cereal boxes). The edge of the card was then hidden with putty and the rest of my basing technique applied.

For my WEHFB Dark Elves, I have done the same for my Altar of Khaine, using an oval MDF base from Foundry, adding a layer of foamboard (3mm), carving out square base slots for the Death Hag and assistants and basing the altar itself on top of the foamboard.

Foamboard is also available in art supply shops.

For my BoB games, I had the Paleontologist and fossils set from Copplesgtone castings (BC8) and wanted to base them:

I only painted one as a fossil should look (top right), because, it didn’t ‘look right’…so the rest were then painted bone. I basically (heh) only added flock up to the edge of the metal castings. I then put a second set all together to show a full(ish) fossil skeleton:

I painted the undersides of all these card bases black – as I have commented briefly before this helps prevent the card warping. If you paint only one side, then the card warps curling up at the edges. If you paint the second side, it then warps back the other way and the net effect is no warping of the card and it sits flatly on the table.

Finally, an mdf cavalry base was used for AVBCW BOYS rifle team:

The rifle is thin, and in order to help protect it, plus put it in a more believable situation, I used a twig to represent a log they were hiding behind, and then a couple of pieces of Woodland Scenics clump foliage (rubberised horsehair). The twig did need painting !

More photos are here.

Hope this has provided some inspiration. There are plenty of better model makers out there, and all of these suggestions are starters for 10, and aimed at getting some decent models onto a wargaming table.

WHFB Daemons & Dark Elves

Byahkee Rich has sent me some new photos of the battle we had at the beginning of the month taken on his camera. Including a nice one of my War Hydra and his Greater daemon of Tzeentch:

More photos here.

Special Guest Superstar DJ: High Elves

More blue stuff !

This time from Byakhee Stuart. In the form of High Elves.

And some great standards:

Nice bases. 😉

More photos here.

I note he does what I do, and use a darker base shade on the movement tray, so the more we see of the dark paint, the more we are reminded that unit has taken casualties.