Laserburn – Villa Part 1

Last month I bought some of Brigade Models’ new 15mm resin sci-fi scenery. I didn’t paint the Villa as it was too Mos-Eisley for my setting. Instead I saved it for a rainy day – and today is rainy ! I added some GZG building components – but not too many – I have in the past found I have got carried away. Sometimes less is better.

Resin building and white metal components:

Resin building with components added:

The components were added using the All Purpose adhesive I bang on about, as it gives you 5 minutes to position stuff correctly. The small satellite dish came in two parts and was assembled with Stupid Glue:

Very little flash on these castings.

It’s been undercoated and tomorrow I’ll have an update on progress. I hope this building will only take a couple of days to paint to a wargaming standard. This is the first building I have done with an easily accessible upper storey. Should add some more fun to Laserburn games.

if I can do that then I’ll get back to some of the backlog of Critical Mass Games’ buildings.

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