Special Guest Superstar DJ: Beastmen

Back to Byakhee Rich’s efforts – Beastmen. Some superb models old and new and extensive use of magnets so he can put his heroes in chariots/position different arms etc.

Also his army is one of the first examples of us using ‘named’ cheroes and lords…Yarrash Warblade is his Minotaur leader. It makes for a much better atmosfear for the games.

Rich is a regular on Herdstone, the WHFB Beastman fan site.

Here’s some top picks of mine:

Yarrash himself:

An ancient pre-slotta Runequest Broo figure:




LOTs more photos are here. You can see why he got bored of brown ! 😉

One Response to Special Guest Superstar DJ: Beastmen

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    An interesting choice of pictures! The Baak (from Darksword Miniatures) was brilliant to paint and is certainly a favourite of mine, but my favourite pieces are the ones I have modelled or converted, like Yarash, or like the elasmotherium chariots with interchangeable crew, or the “special characters” Slugtongue and Moonclaw.

    Older viewers may notice that the 1980s Broo is also heavily modified, with plastic weapons, horns and shield all stolen from the modern plastic Beastmen – no, I didn’t vandalise a mint condition collectible, he was broken when I bought him!

    If you’d like to see more of my Beastmen army in some sort of context and with some explanations, please visit The Herdstone where you can read page after page of my award winning twaddle…

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