Google Galileos

Whilst waiting for various bits of IT to re-charge/upload…here’s some (amalgamated) comments that appeared on Skeptical Science recently:

You are forgetting the first axiom of deniers’ (and unfortunately that of too many elements of the media) that:

1) If you are expert in any subject, you are an expert in every subject in which you agree with my opinion.

The second axiom is:

2) If you are an expert in a particular subject, if I disagree with you on that particular subject your stated opinions are based on fraud and conspiracy.


3) My totally uninformed opinion is just as valid and worthy of equal consideration as your highly informed and hard-won expertise, if not more so.

The third group are often the Google Galileos of the title:

Google Galileo: an individual whose knowledge of a scientific discipline is restricted to information sourced from Google, Wikipedia or other online sources (i.e. blogs). Within a period of a few weeks/months they feel confident to not only dismiss an entire discipline of science, but have gained the ability to “practice science” by commenting on online forums and constructing alternative theories using raw data obtained freely from public sources.

There’s more here.

EDITHmm, interesting. I drafted the Beastman post, then drafted and posted this one whilst waiting for all the photos to upload to photobucket. And then posted the Beastman posting….scratches head…speaking of which the haircut disaster was sorted yesterday at no expense by the same hairdresser…small mercies…

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