The Red Horde

I unearthed the Reds I painted years ago…more than 40 ordinary troops:

I varied the troops with red armbands on right/left arms, and also red stripes on their fur hats;

As you can see Mark Copplestone is using a basic ‘dolly’ and tweaking it to achieve about 12 poses for each pack of infantry – not a criticism as many sculptors don’t even manage this number of poses for infantry !:

As a painter though who wants to field 30+ troops it gets too routine:

Hence the different paint jobs, with different markings and paint colours used to further expand the range of inDUHviduality of the figures

And first of the elite troops with the Budenovka:

I used a red/brown paint for the leather helmets, but this does not contrast well with the red stars on the front, so I’m either going to use a brown wash to enhance the difference in colour, or use a darker brown.

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