AVBCW Black Clad Legions

Enough of those revolting peasants, here’s some of my AVBCW BUF Black clad Legion.

Normally, we only have one or two support weapons in our AVBCW games, with about 30 infantry (3×10 man sections) plus command and a tank or something. For bigger games we get more support weapons, so I got carried away. Here’s three HMGs:

The HMGs are all by Musketeer, but to spice things up a bit, I varied the command character using Empress figures such as the mortar commander. So each HMG stand is unique.

And here’s a mortar team by Empress from their Spanish Civil War range, and then a BEF (now Warlord) BOYS anti tank rifle team. On this occasion, I think the kneeling spotter is a bit silly as he’s going to give the game away of where they are !

You may now be aware that I often utter the phrase:

Bored now

(origin: Buffy)
As in: “The speaker is tired of this cr@p and is going to kill you.” Often used by parallel universe Willow before she does something horrifically nasty involving fangs and blood.

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