Red, Hot & Angry


Rummaging around for the Bolshevik standard bearers I knew I had, I found the Red commanders and characters, I’d also not planned on buying:

All figures by Copplestone Castings.

I have a small number of Bolshies I’ll photo and add shortly.

At this point in time, I was using metal washers, so as you will have seen the Bolshevik army standard bearer was on a smaller base than these characters – I’d decided characters went on larger bases then the peons. You’ll see more of this discrimination when I photograph my Chinese army as they were the first to get painted. The Whites also ‘suffer’ like this and they will all need to be rebased on standard sized bases. Renedra didn’t provide these bases ~10 years ago.


It’s so hot in here it’s running down the walls
And it’s dripping in my eyes from my hair
It’s hot it’s so hot
Living with a family that ate rock and roll
I discovered the golden rule
That big brother wasn’t watching me at all
Watching me at all

From The March Violets’ It’s Hot.

Here, it is very hot weather. Probably as hot as Mexico, and the cats don’t like it. Last month, it rained a lot and they forlornly look out the door, and asked me to “Turn the weather off“. This month, because it is so hot, they look at me and say: “Turn the weather off“. Spades however, has the answer:

Sleep upside down and inside out !


But my two new cats had a Mexicat stand off with Timmy. Timmy is the local feline thug, a Ginger Tom Cat who goes into everyone’s houses. I have found him upstairs in my house, and a neighbour has reported he’d destroyed a blind in order to get in through a window.

Photo is of all of them not looking at each other in the field behind my house by the place they get in/out of my garden.

And I’m angry because I got my hair/bird’s nest cut and they took a chunk out of my fringe so I look odd.
Odder than normal. 😦

In the meantime, I have also done a BBQ for my neighbour, a born again Christian spinster OAP and her friend from the Shetland Isles.
As you do.

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