AVBCW A battle on the Welsh Border

Off to Cardiff today with Byakhee JP for a game of AVBCW. Tym and his son Captain Bigglesmay had arranged for a game at Firestorm Games which has a large gaming hall. The scenario was that the expansionist power mad Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire had decided to seize some fertile farm land over the border in Montgomeryshire. However, with plans bigger than his army, he had to call in some of Hereford’s crack Blackshorts and Black Skirts to help out. Meanwhile the Welsh LDVs had organised. As well as Tym, the Captain, JP and myself, Ciderfella and Swiper also turned up and we had some special guest star players to help out from the local gaming club.

The invaders had to cross the River Severn so the bridges became choke points. They did however have the advantage of an armoured train steaming to their help. The defenders set up to cover the bridges.

For the game we used rules for ‘spotting‘ units, so when we first set up we just had blank bits of card to represent Brigades. OR were they ? We also had a few dummy markers to field as well to keep the enemy guessing. Once a unit had been spotted it had to be deployed, OR when it fired it had to be deployed with the actual figures/vehicles/outlandish creations. This was a good idea and Swiper and I kept Ciderfeller in the dark for quite some time with our dummy markers. I think I may well be making some scenic terrain pieces to act as markers. It took a couple of turns of prevarication before the first units were revealed.

JP’s BUF forces lead by Blackshorts and Blackskirts converged on the LDV that were loosely hiding in a woodland and house. Meanwhile the Captain’s French tanks gummed up the works and made the bridge even more of a chokepoint much to the relief of the Welsh LDV.

Then all of a sudden hordes of Shewsbury troops burst across the bridge:

Meanwhile Ciderfeller’s Italian Tankettes and infantry support trudged along the far bank of the River being monitored by the still unrevealed forces of Swiper and myself.

Hard fighting continued with the Welsh LDV gradually pushed back from their first defensive line.

Ironically, it was the last turn that I deployed any troops, and then only the HMG and Mortar were in range and they didn’t hit anything. Still it was a good day, met up with some new people, and had a good time baiting the opposing players – like some bloke who thinks Zummmmerzet is the only county that can make Cyder properly.

More photos here.

EDIT: And yet more photos.

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