Basing, more fancy stuff

As well as my basic technique, I also do a few other things with my bases.

Firstly, here’re some old Citadel Ogres that I did for Mordheim:

I use textured plasticard to represents cobbles, simple card squares for flagstones, and chopped up plastic sprue as rubble. The Ogres are (left to right) Chronicle, Citadel mid ’80’s, Mordheim late ’90’s, more Citadel mid ’80’s. The basing tray was painted and flocked with my usual method, and is on the the GW modular plastic kits.

Next, is a viginette set from Empress Miniatures – their command squad (RCOM1, at the bottom of the page).

As the seated officer and table were four separate pieces, I was going to have to do some extra basing work, and then of course there was the horse and handler plus radio man…so as I intended this to be my BUF Brigade Command for AVBCW and as there are options for political officers, standard bearers etc, I thought I’d do a special base for them all.

I used a free CD and prepped it in the usual way. I added a medium thickness piece of card and cut three extra holes in it for the extra command figures so I could mix and match my troops. I get different thickness’ of card from artist supply shops as they stock quite a range (as well as chopping up breakfast cereal boxes). The edge of the card was then hidden with putty and the rest of my basing technique applied.

For my WEHFB Dark Elves, I have done the same for my Altar of Khaine, using an oval MDF base from Foundry, adding a layer of foamboard (3mm), carving out square base slots for the Death Hag and assistants and basing the altar itself on top of the foamboard.

Foamboard is also available in art supply shops.

For my BoB games, I had the Paleontologist and fossils set from Copplesgtone castings (BC8) and wanted to base them:

I only painted one as a fossil should look (top right), because, it didn’t ‘look right’…so the rest were then painted bone. I basically (heh) only added flock up to the edge of the metal castings. I then put a second set all together to show a full(ish) fossil skeleton:

I painted the undersides of all these card bases black – as I have commented briefly before this helps prevent the card warping. If you paint only one side, then the card warps curling up at the edges. If you paint the second side, it then warps back the other way and the net effect is no warping of the card and it sits flatly on the table.

Finally, an mdf cavalry base was used for AVBCW BOYS rifle team:

The rifle is thin, and in order to help protect it, plus put it in a more believable situation, I used a twig to represent a log they were hiding behind, and then a couple of pieces of Woodland Scenics clump foliage (rubberised horsehair). The twig did need painting !

More photos are here.

Hope this has provided some inspiration. There are plenty of better model makers out there, and all of these suggestions are starters for 10, and aimed at getting some decent models onto a wargaming table.

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