Iron Skies – Nazis from the Moon !

Iron Skies is an independent ‘crowd sourced’ film, that has just had its one and only day of distribution at UK cinemas (rush now you might get a seat! EDIT – they’ve now increased the screening due to high demand).

Here’s the trailer.

The basic premise is that some Nazis escaped to the Moon in 1945 and have been plotting revenge ever since. Hmmm, Z movie quality territory…or ???

Byakhee Tom and I went early afternoon in B’ham. I wasn’t expecting much from such a movie premise on a limited budget and it was mostly so we could have a chat and catch up socially on the journey there and back. (Other Byakhees and associates are going later today)

I was pleasantly surprised, the film was funny (both knowingly and obviously), had decent SFX (the you tube clips don’t do it justice compared to the silver screen – who knows on DVD?), and a half decent script and acting. The comparatively atrophied Nazi technology and kultur was very well done, and the political premises on both the Nazis and their Earth bound opposition amusing and semi plausible.

DVD is out next week, and apparently a German DVD out late summer/Autumn with extras.

Somehow, I don’t think Sarah Palin is going to be impressed. 😉
(Well not once someone explains the plot to her)

Artizan do some figures that would be useful to wargame or RPG the film’s premises:

They also have the Sky Pirates and British Immortal Battalions to fight the Germans.

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