Paint, lots of paint

Well today has been fine and dry again, and after a ‘trip to the tip‘ I got home and decided to do something about the Feline Access Request Damage to the house’s paintwork. Basically my previous Cat Buster, would jump up to the window sill on the outside, hold on with his claws, mouth a silent “Let me in” before falling off again (the wonders of double glazing). In doing so he’d clawed the paintwork badly. So I popped up to the garage to dig out the white gloss and set to work.

Now having renovated two houses, the garage is a mine of DIY equipment, and is also where I do my spray painting, undercoating and varnishing amongst other things. So I am very familiar with DIY stores. Last year I finally decided I’d start painting my plywood gaming boards to match in with my Laserburn figures’ bases and scenery. As I use GW Charadon Granite as the basecoat for my bases I wanted something similar. A quick calculation indicated I’d need ~£500 worth of that paint to cover a 4×4 board. You don’t stay rich by spending money.

So I took a trip to B&Q and got a 2.5L pot of paint done up that is nearly the same colour – you can get a vast range of unpopular colours of paint mixed up at your request and most of them are more ‘natural’ colours of emulsion paint. The brain cell was aroused, and decided to do the same and get a light brown biscuit colour done up for my Warhammer and AVBCW bases. And then I went and bought a tub of matt black for using on bases. I usually paint the underside of terrain pieces black to reduce the card warping. At £10/15/20 each its a lot up front but these paint pots are going to last decades and save a lot of money whilst providing me with consistent paint colours for my armies and scenery.

However, my painting desk is not big enough to house these pots of paint easily. So the brain cell throbbed a bit more, and came up with a solution. My local curry house provides garish mint sauce with their onion bhajis, in little plastic tubs. One ladle later and I had the solution:

Here you go sir…

Then I mixed the two browns to get an intermediate:


  • The 4×2′ pieces of chipboard I use for Laserburn are shown in Landing bay 37, they fit in neatly with all the scenery and figures.
  • Surprisingly, I only needed one coat of paint to get a good solid finish.
  • I also painted the 6×2′ boards used in The Battle of Ledbury. The deep dark brown is almost black and stands in for a tarmacc’d environment like a town.
  • I still have about 1.5L of it left !
  • My AVBCW bases are much lighter – I had previously been using scorched brown – but it was too dark I found.
  • I still have lots left !
  • I can mix and match tubs of paint easily to produce all ranges of brown, probably the most necessary (if EVIL) paint colour you need when painting hundreds of miniatures and dozens of pieces of scenery.
  • I save money on endless pots of Chaos Black being used to paint the undersides of card bases.
  • I have consistent themed colours for my armies/genres so that all the baseboards, scenery pieces and figures bases are integrated.
  • However, I have yet to use these paints directly onto figures and would not recommend doing so, they are for basework and scenery use only.

So that’s some info on the paints I use for large scale painting. Next my obsession with baseboards and figure bases…

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