BoB Russian Buildings

In previous posts I’ve shown my central Asian adobe style buildings, but obviously with a strong Russian presence in the background of BoB it would be amiss not to have some Russian style buildings. So here they are:

They’re made by Hovels, one piece resin casts. On the smaller side of 28mm, but a bit bigger than some of their other stuff which is true 25mm. As can be seen there’s a couple of absic structures that they vary using thatched roofs, or ruined versions – always useful for battlefields ! They’re also quite cheap. Painted using Foundry Bay brown with Granite (light) drybrushing to hopefully get that weathered wood effect.

The Church with ‘onion’ dome:

The large house:

And this ruin I added some posters to, by Legio XX** – I bought one of their Flags & Standards for 28mm figures at Partizan several years ago. So you’ll also seem some of their flags (coming soon to a blog post near here).

Here’s part of the set:

Helps add a bit of ‘feel’ to the buildings.

More photos will be added later today – the camera is recharging currently !

** They may be distributed by NorthStar figures now, but I can’t find them on the shop search function

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