BoB Heavy Weapons

Here are some Chinese Heavy Weapons and a White Russian HMG – all by Copplestone Castings. These are all based on flat GW plastic bases. It means all the weapons and crew are stuck together. casualties are represented using d4 dice placed behind to them (not d6, as they can easily and accidentally be picked up), as they are often crewed with 3-4 crew and some games systems do track casualties for heavy weapons and affect their ability to fire.

Chinese Artillery:

Chinese Mortar:

Chinese HMG – missing one figure, I’ll have to hunt that one out. 😉

White Russian ‘Colourful’ regiment HMG:

I based their outfit on the White Russian school cadets in Dr Zhivago, impractical and mostly historically incorrect (the uniforms were really only worn later after the White’s were defeated and exiled) but makes for a more interesting battlefield and a change to painting khaki !

More photos here and here.

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