Laserburn: Landing Pad 37

Byakhee Rich and I had a game of Laserburn today – 4,000 points each side. For some reason the first half dozen shots were all ranged at 37cm which was very strange (says Rich…Wow its like somebody’s writing what I’m saying*).

I had written up a sort of scenario using the WH40K Rogue Trader rules (p240 onwards, check it out it’s great !), which meant that a rebel force was attacking an Imperial re-supply force. The sub plot was that the vehicle containing the supplies was malfunctioning.

Rich sportingly didn’t react until I had made a move even though he had a high Initiative for some of his guys. (Yup)

The he used his grizzled Veteran armed with a Heavy Bolt Gun….Oh dear, that changed things a lot wiping out my heavy Bolt Gunner and sidekick, and basically messing up most of my forces.

(It’s so effective it feels like cheating. I think that’s a good quote that needs putting in)

However, as the aim was to get the vehicle with load off the table, my gang were targeting with precious little affect the vehicles, until…

Me: ISTR that the rules about vehicles have an issue about fuel cells and mini-nukes. What are the rules for mini-nukes ?
Rich: Ah, they’re pretty devastating, big template, that sort of thing. 5% chance of exploding with a penetrating hit.
Me: Ok.
Rolls dice
Me: 02…ummm….

Scratch one vehicle, two crew, a decked character, one with a serious wound and KO’d, and another knocked over…

Now that was fun. šŸ˜‰

More here.

I didn’t win, but those sorts of rolls certainly make for fun games. It only took 4 hours from start to finish including setting up the board and eating.


  • Arming an Grizzled Veteran with a heavy weapon dominates the game
  • Balancing the scenario with the vehicles was not straight forward – Rich had two APV plus a loader, I had none
  • Vehicles are very difficult to take out
  • Rules full of concepts, but haphazard.

So, we’re thinking about:

  • Writing a proper turn sequence/quick reference sheet
  • Points ?
  • Who can carry what and at what cost (points)
  • Pillage necromunda & Inquisitor

Oh, and a campaign with a tree diagram for scenarios !

* yeah, he’s still here, interjecting comments…

And here’s the Tuna & Sweetcorn Pizza:

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  1. Asen says:

    First of all, that is one great looking pizza. Secondly, sweet report and commentary, I happened to leaf through the Laseburn rulebook (in pdf) and had the same impression, the rules are more conceptual than functional for the most part, a bit of “nailing down” could go a great length towards making the game more enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with it, and let me know if you need playtesting or anything. And publish the recipe for the pizza, seriously.

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