Free CDs, Duck Tape and Scenery

Buying a newspaper every day I have found I end up with lots of free CDs of music/films I don’t want and you can’t give away easily.

So my brain cell, had an idea – turn them into scenery bases.

Stage One: take free CD, and use Duck Tape to cover the central hole – I use a small cut of Duck Tape both sides to give a good seal:

Stage Two: I spray both sides of the CD with GW Roughcoat, helps give the base texture, and obscure the edges of the Duck Tape.

Stage Three: Paint* & Cover as needed with flock, of the appropriate mix (I have several mixes depending on what type of terrain I want to produce).

Stage Four: Add static grass, rocks and other scenery as required. On the left is a generic patch of bushes, on the right a patch of rocks for Laserburn.

Thus a free CD that would otherwise go to landfill, is turned into:

  • a generic and cheap piece of scenery basing;
  • that doesn’t warp like card;
  • comes in a standard size;
  • can be used to hold ‘scatter’ terrain (and we all know that lichen and other ‘bushes’ fall apart quickly);
  • for large trees and other objects/objectives.

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that I used CD bases for my trees at the AVBCW Battle of Ledbury – very handy as they are large enough to ensure these larger trees don’t topple over every five seconds.

I have also adopted the general rule that figures mostly on or in contact with the CD base count as being in cover as in reality they are sneaking around next to cover. This makes it easy for all concerned.

* Paint for terrain is something I’ll post about shortly.


Duct Tape or Duck Tape – both are correct – see below for the brand name of the Duck/t Tape. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 Responses to Free CDs, Duck Tape and Scenery

  1. Stuart Priest says:

    Great idea, must remember that one!

  2. Duck tape? I think it’s called Duct tape… I may be wrong, feel free to prove it so. =D

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