It’s Paint Jim, but not as we know it.

Yesterday I dropped into my local GW for a quick fix of paint and model goodness before undertaking the weekly supermarket shop – handily the supermarket has its own basement car park, and is a minutes walk from GW. Now I’d heard and seen that GW had revamped their paint range but this was my first chance of looking at them. There seem to be a lot more of them and it seems a more complex system than previously, and more so than the Foundry triad system.

Having done an audit of my paints back in march, and finding I had 6 unopened bottle of Devl;an Mud wash, Ogryn Flesh, similar numbers of Chaos Black and the like, I’m not rushing to buy any new stuff any time soon.

Byakhee Anthony came round, and we ended up checking the GW web site to see what the new equivalent of Devlan Mud was 9the cure all for all painting slip-ups. Washes are now Shades it seems. Obvious.

Then we spotted that Chaos Black was no more. As is well known, Chaos Black was their best selling item for a long time, and the name has been with us since the start of warhammer, along with Skull White which has also disappered. In fact, sculling around the floor of the play room was my original Citadel Colour Paint Set box:

Now I got this back in 1990, along with the Ork & Eldar paint set that had just been released (when the first Eldar Aspect warriors were released) and it’d been around for a few years and had nine simple colours:

I suppose it is good to see that the gaming hobby has made great advances in the last couple of decades, but it does seem sad and heretical for GW to rename some of their oldest flagship products !

Bah Humbug, kids today…

Anyone out there used them ? I’ve read mixed reviews. Typically the only one I wanted which was the textured paint, they didn’t have in stock.

2 Responses to It’s Paint Jim, but not as we know it.

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    I’ve still got my Bronzed Flesh from this boxed set!
    And Bleached Bone, Hawk Turquoise from the Ork and Eldar set.
    And Imperial Purple and Ghoul Grey (my current ghouls are still painted with this!) from the Monster Paint Set…
    And Salamander Green too.

    Hawk Turquoise and Imperial Purple are still probably my favourite colours ever. Always a shame to lose the names, although I don’t think anyone misses Orc Brown!?

    The only brand new paint I’ve tried is Ceramite White base, it’s very white but the coverage still isn’t as good as I’d hoped.

    • Interesting WRT the new paints…

      I have several of the other paints set boxes sculling around the playroom floor (attacking small creatures) so might scan them in too…


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