Augmented Pizza

As the Byakhees and regulars of this blogroll have noticed I usually serve up pizza during our gaming sessions. Its simple and easy to do with minimal hosting required so I can actually concentrate on the game in hand.

For the last few months though, they haven’t been just ordinary pizzas. They’ve been Augmented…

And the byakhees have stuffed their little beaks and flapped their wings and tails in a real frenzy !
(And made a real mess in the stables, the Shoggoths have told me)

The picture above was of an Augmented Pizza from “Carcosa Hut“.

  • Take one ordinary Margarita Pizza, I usually wait until my local supermarket(s) have a 2 for 1 offer
  • Add some tomato and herb pizza topping, just a light smearing around the edges and centre, don’t go over board
  • Add some grated Mozerella cheese, again don’t go overboard
  • Add topping of choice (see below)
  • Add a bit more Mozerella
  • Cook !

My own toppings usually are from fresh ingredients:

  • Tuna & Sweetcorn, fish and veg, what could be more healthy ? đŸ˜‰
  • Peppers, simply freshly chopped peppers !
  • Salami & Ham, you can get salami, peperoni and ham sliced up ready
  • Ham & Pineapple, ham easily cut up, and some sliced pineapple from a tin or fresh, again a sop to healthiness

In all cases, these seem to give a wider range of toppings and a deeper tastier pizza than the ones straight out of the box, and if you’re using the cheap/2-for-1 offers then you’re not spending that much more anyway. You can mix and match all the veg, especially the peppers with all the meat/fish ingredients. They can be prepared beforehand, so you don’t even have to interrupt the flow of the game. The only problem is, when presenting these to the games, CAPTAIN INDECISION, will make an appearance (more of which later)

That said, I doubt that I will become the next Jamie Oliver / Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall !

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