WHFB Everything starts somewhere…from the Mists of Time

In organising myself to publish this blog roll, I’ve been trawling through my iMac’s Pictures folder which was shamefully disorganised. My digital camera simply logs the pictures I take in sequential order, but obviously its date setting is wrong so some pictures I only have a hazy memory of taking.

So here’s a link to some of the older pictures I took, probably 2010 or so.

As you’ll have noticed, the gaming group strives to field only painted figures. Back when we started playing WHFB again, I embarrasingly was even sticking together miniatures during the game I had with Rich !

So looking at these photos, where both armies sported naked metal figures, undercoated figures etc, does bring home that we have come a long way when we can easily field 3-4k worth of points easily. The photos show my Dark Elf army slowly building up, and rarely some of Rich’s figures unpainted.

Why am I posting this ?

To show that even though I’ll be hosting some more Special Guest Superstar DJ paint jobs from Stuart and Rich, we all started somewhere with half built, barely undercoated figures, that somehow coalesced into well painted armies that we are not ashamed to deploy in front of strangers, take photos of and add them to the internet. As part of this, I also have some photos now of Gav A’s first efforts following one of our glue sniffin’ sessions that are good enough to deploy and not receive any negative feedback – and they were done in about 3 hours flat by Gav A who has barely lifted a paint brush (well except for painting his house’s eaves!). We have designs for his army that it could be 50% painted by October. Similarly, byakhees Jim & Anthony have achieved the same. So they’ll also be starring in the Special Guest Superstar DJ series. 🙂

PS: More Links have been added, including to Peter Rabbit, Tank Killer and Ooks Painting Service.

2 Responses to WHFB Everything starts somewhere…from the Mists of Time

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    I’ve tried to date these pics based on what I had and hadn’t painted, although you’ve mixed up two battles here! First half of 2010, certainly, I think probably the battle including the Herdstone was after the “Curry campaign”; the one without, before it.

    The Chaos Black Gor units were purchased second hand off ebay and re-assembled the night before the battle. I’m pretty sure the previous owner had glued shields onto the RIGHT arms, hence the the unpainted grey replacements from the bits box. Pretty sure this was the last time I put unfinished miniatures on a Warhammer battlefield, such was the horror of this sight…

    • yes I suspect these are a collection of photos from two games. Early 2010 sounds about right as that was before last year’s painting binge got fully underway, and before you got bored of painting a range of browns. 😉

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