WHFB XmasHammer 2010

For the last few years the Byakhees have spent a couple of days between Xmas and New Year having a two day games bash. Its a good antidote to Great Aunt Nora and the festive saccharine. It’s planned months in advance so everyone has plausible denial, when turning down the offer of a day with a distant relative that turns into a prolonged period where watching paint dry would become interesting.

Here's some stuff from 2010.

More here.

Way back then we hadn’t got the hang of:

  • not taking crotch shots (see a future posting)
  • having painted figures
  • movement trays, that weren’t from the Orc-Age (sorry Gav A)
  • But we did have the table and the large hill top ruined tower from Amera.

    How time flies !
    (and fruit flies like a banana)

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