Yes, Spackle ! It’s not a rude word.

Spackle is the grey/white film that forms when you try to spray varnish stuff in damp conditions. GW Purity seal regularly and unpredictably does this. And then you need to re-paint/touch-up your figures’ paint jobs.

So I now have a back log of figures and scenery awaiting varnishing and I can’t because despite the UK being in a drought…it’s raining here….raining in my heart*.

Guess I’ll have to start tackling the rest of the lead mountain !

* Yes, that Buddy Holly.

Hedges [Edit – Or even walls !]

Well, hedges and walls are ubiquitous pieces of scenery across most genres, so I recently bought some Architects of War hedges and walls from Warlord Games (I am not on commission sadly). the hedges were out of stock but the ‘overgrown’ walls arrived. I did them up at the same time as the ruins and I think they look good. They’re going to be difficult to store but hey ho…


I’ve done pan scourer hedges and they’re ok but too tidy. Most of the other commercial hedges are expensive but if anyone has other sources of cheap hedges let the world know.

Thanks !

PS: My photos seem to have a blue tint to them, not sure why and will improve on this. 🙂

Warlord Games Ruins – Part 3

Finally finished them yesterday but flippin’ camera was dead. There is a knack to building them and they’ll look better when the base is decorated.

Here’re some photos.

They’d be even more useful if Warlord brought out a second compatible kit to mix and match the parts.

Overall, I’m glad I bought them.


AVBCW – the first battle JP and I had…

Once upon a time, in my kitchen, not so far away…

JP & I had our first AVBCW. We played a very simple game of 30 infantry + 1HMG + 1tank each, BUF vs LDV, on a very sparsely furnished table.

Photos here

As you can see my scenery has come on lots !

JP played the BUF and I played the LDV. It can’t have been that bad a game – both of us have gone on to play for the next 18 months and JP has invested a lot of time and effort into weird and whacky conversion, see his blog. A simple straight up and shoot them game, my LDV won just about but not before one unit headed for the hills.

Next up, some archived WHFB stuff, probably the Curry Trilogy. 😉

Warlord Games Ruins – Part 2

These are now progressing and I should have a piccie tomorrow of the based and prepped ruins.

As mentioned, there’s been a lot of glue and black paint smeared all over the place. Maybe undercoating them black before gluing was optimistic.

There is also a knack to putting them together I think, and I’m not quite there. yesterday’s efforts were dire, today’s efforts much better. The corner pieces need to be really secure and that’s the difficult part. So it’s taking much longer than i expected to assemble the first ruin set. basing them is IMHO essential as I can see they are going get knocked and broken very quickly. I am currently waiting for Anetenoceniti to deliver some loose bricks and subsequent ruins will get the ‘full treatment’.

In the meantime, another 10 man squad of not Dad’s army are being finished off. 🙂

Cavalry in AVBCW

In WW1 Cavalry got a rude awakening to the destructive power of the HMG.

In AVBCW we have the conundrum that petrol will be limited and at a premium, so even the whacky inter-war tanks and vehicles will be operating under limitations. Despite being one of the main offenders in terms of deploying armoured vehicles, I am also deploying cavalry. The first time i did so, I met incredulous stares from a half dozen other players (at Evesham 2011), and in that and subsequent games the cavalry died in droves.

Personally I see three problems:

(1) Gaming
Cavalry will not charge into battle willy nilly against HMGs, field artillery and tanks to die in droves – so what are they for ?
The answer so far is as:
– scouts either turning up on flanks
– or reporting on enemy deployment
– mobile infantry
– having better supplies of ammo in the panniers on their mounts

(2) Lack of miniatures
So far Great War miniatures and now Musketeer have produced miniatures
– they are WW1 era with associated kit, no probs because they can be yeomanry
– limited poses
– only one limited set of dismounted poses with no command
– no LMGs etc for the dismounted poses
– new Musketeer miniatures need their hands for lances drilled out (?) (a pain)
– no ‘nice to have’ poses of troopers holding horses dismounted

(3) No fox hunters or messengers
Fox hunts are common through out Britain, especially in the 1930’s period yet no manufacturer has produced them. Similarly they’d be useful as messengers, scouts and signallers !

Input is needed here, and on GWP3 !

15mm Sci-Fi

We’ve had WHFB, AVBCW, and now for my other main current wargaming subject Laserburn. The grand-daddy of WH40K and many other systems and fluff. These days Scenery Boy (that’s me) doesn’t have to scratch build everything as GZG and CMG amongst others have provided some scenery. Here’s some photos.

Do Not Feed the Ego !

The astute amongst you will have noticed this blogroll was first set up last year (2011) but didn’t get any content until April 2012.

For a long time I wrestled (naked*) with my ego as to whether even having a blogroll was a good idea. All too many blogrolls either fall into ego-fests, or die through lack of updates – the later point is a common problem for all websites in general.

So it took sometime and some comments from the Byahkees, plus seeing some good blogs to actually properly activate and populate this blog.

Now having posted the first few…posts…I seem to have a backlog of content to…post…However, I will resist totally pointless posts like on Wednesday when there was a massive hail storm that covered my drive, lawn and field in white.


So now it’ll be back to describing how my hands are covered in glue and black paint from trying to assemble Warlord’s ruined building.

That and preparing for a game Byakhee JP and I have planned for the 27th April. 🙂


Ruined Hamlet, by Warlord Games

Easter w/e was v.busy with games, but there were some nice deliveries, including the boxed set from Warlord Games – their Ruined Hamlet.

There’s not many gamers my age (decrepit) that didn’t own or want to own the old Airfix 1/32nd scale (and the 1/72nd version) ruined house. That is long gone, but Warlord have almost reproduced that building for 28mm.

The hamlet has three of the same kit, and it comes in a very compact box – too compact you initially may think. But on opening the box you see why – all the components are already clipped off the sprues, so you get a lot of pieces in a very compact form.

I bought this for AVBCW, but it could be used for anything from Medieval through to modern day in the right locations. I’ll be getting the glue out shortly to build this neat little kit. Hopefully it’ll pass for the ruins of Ledbury when I organise another Big Game to follow on from the last one, the siege of Ledbury.

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