AVBCW Wychehill Roadblock

Byakhee Gav H and I had a couple of games today:

The hard pressed workers from the BUF’s Shobdon ‘holiday’ camp having built a roadblock at the village of Wychehill* under the supervision of the Black Coats (Hi-de-Heil!**) were herded back to their holiday chalets at Shobdon, but the expected BUF detachment turned up late. The MHC decided to try and seize the roadblock to better control the roads to the Malverns so a mighty scuffle ensued.

I made Gav H play the tardy fascist bully boys (well he was late turning up), we deployed 30 infantry, HMG and command each, so a small battle.

the Eagle Eyed amongst you will spot it is very similar to the board JP & I used…Scenery Boy was lazy…

Through a combination of Event cards, Gav H’s untrained militia impetuously charged my veterans after a few rounds and got punished accordingly leaving one guy to limp off the board…

Meanwhile, his Veterans had entered the central barn, only to be trapped in a cross fire. His HMG had vacillated between advancing and running away. Eventually the combination of Flu and Dodgy Pints Events Cards sapped his BUF’s will to fight and they limped off.

More photos.

A victory for the MHC !
The road through Wychehill is in the control of the MHC.

* Wychehill is a village that features in author Phil Rickman’s “The Remains of An Altar”, part of a series of books based in Hereford and the Welsh border counties.

** Hi-de-Hi – a 1980’s BBC sitcom in a 1950’s holiday camp. Based on Butlins’ holiday camps that were run by the Red Coats who helped organise their victims ^^^^^ happy campers. ‘Organised’…”fun’…now all I need is a Gladys Black Coat figures…I’m sure JP will source something. 😉

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