Let there be light, and not rain. Painting Logs.

This week’s weird weather continues, periods of bright sunshine between short sharp storm clouds and hail storms.

I took a risk (see Spackle) and went up to the garage to varnish some of the back log of figures and scenery and seem to have got away with it. In the short few minutes of gathering up the items, walking to the garage, spraying and walking back to the house, the brilliant sunshine had been replaced by another hail storm. So I couldn’t finish off the second unit of AVBCW troops. Half an hour later and now I’m back on the ‘net, the sun is out again and I can finish them off.

Just as well, as this week I now have lined up a WHFB game at The House Of Doom (Jim’s), and two AVBCW games lined up (Friday & Sunday) here. And for Friday I have to have some barbed wire fencing ready…
So there should be more new content over the next week. 🙂

In an effort to keep me focused, I’ve also been maintaining a spreadsheet listing all of finished paint jobs for the last 2+ years. This is based on the same calculations as in the Ooh Shiny Complex (see RHS). To my surprise WHFB stuff is only a third of the output, with scenery and 15mm now accounting for more. I’m doing this just to see what I am painting and how much, and how much time I procrastinate as the Lead Mountain grows ever bigger (and my chances of surviving anything other than a direct nuclear strike increase).

How many readers keep a log of their painting ?
I’d be interested to know…

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