WHFB – Battle of Karak Beer – the Dwarf Beer generator

A very different battle played some time ago. In an even earlier battle, the Dwarves had been driven back into their tunnels by Beastmen and Dark Elves. This scenario now was about the Dwarves protecting their beer generator.

The table was 8×4′, and was a complex of halls an passages. I photocopied lots of paved area from one of the old Dungeon Floor Plans GW did back in the early to mid 1980’s.

the copies were cut up and blu-tac’d to the chipboard, with the aim of the two interlopers coming on on opposite sides of the board at one end of the table, and the Dwarves waiting for them at the other (short) end of the table. The dwarves were also given some barricades.

Here’s the table, with a byakhee lurking at the far end. đŸ˜‰

This was one of the last games we played as a three sided game. WHFB simply isn’t geared up for anything other than two sides due to its very rigid I-Go-You-Go turn sequence, plus the magic phase goes pear shaped. Nonetheless we had a good game, with the Beastmen coming off worst, the Dark Elves also being beaten off and a battered Dwarf General supping beer at the end.

More pictures here.

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