Laserburn – The Landing Pad

Another from the Archives of Carcosa. Byakhee Anthony & I played our first Laserburn game for a good 20 years.

The mercenary Nah Olos (me) and his crew have been hired to seize the Landing Pad on a planet.

Anthony played the authorities. It was a short game that reminded us how much we’d forgotten about Laserburn. We used simplified stat lines to keep things going.

Nah Olos’ mercenaries prevailed, but at a cost and only because the landing pad crew came over to their side. A firefight ensued in the main street of the landing pad area, and there was a surprising number of injuries to ‘left legs’. (In Leaserburn, each shot is determined to hit part of the body)

Good fun, and this lead on to more things. A few more photos here.

To Be Continued.

PS: I am updating the links page to include links to 15mm manufacturers that I used for this and subsequent games. 🙂

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