Instant text messaging…NOT

having grudgingly started using my mobile on a regular basis, as opposed to leaving it in my car for longer periods where the battery died a slow death, it not seems that it takes up to an hour for texts to arrive to it ! DOH !

2 Responses to Instant text messaging…NOT

  1. Gavin H says:

    That’s a feature of being in the sticks I’m afraid. Once a delivery failure happens the network doesn’t bother sending it again for a while. If your phone is running out of power then the chances of it missing the original send go up further.

    iMessages on an iPhone (to those who share the technology) would at least use your wifi – failing that any smartphone would allow you to use Skype which would help… as long as the people you are calling also run skype.

  2. The joys of being out here…
    …only it has happened three times on the run…
    …obviously Carcosa needs a new service provider ?

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