AVBCW Easter Sunday 2012

Byakhee Gav H & I had a long scheduled game of AVBCW. Gav H is not a wargamer by nature but was very enthusiastic. We played using Ooks! rules known as:- “Went the Day Well ?” after the film of that title.
(MHC=Malvern Hills Conservators the Malvern LDV)

The scenario:

Spies for both the BUF and MHC have heard that a letter has been posted by a certain Worcestershire aristocrat detailing his determination to change allegiance. Neither side knows who he is ! Both are determined to retrieve the letter and either secure his loyalty or unmask him as a caddish traitor!

Gav H played the MHC (allegedly), and I played the dastardly BUF. Here’s the board set up. MHC on the left, BUF on the right – neat eh ?


First few rounds saw the MHC pressing forward to the post box to retrieve the letter, but then….
their mortar round blew up the church… 😀

Was this the long suspected Socialist/Communist atheist 5th Column rumoured to have infiltrated the quarrymen of the Malvern Hills ? Only a month ago socialist agitators had taken part in the defence of Ledbury ! Coincidence or just a stray mortar round ?

The BUF took heart from this obviously caddish act, and poured on the fire. A squadron of BUF cavalry galloped past the MHC tank and set about the MHC in furious melee. At this point the MHC battered and bruised with their sole tank rattled by incoming fire decided to beat a hasty retreat.

The BUF set about opening the post box to retrieve the letter… 😉

To Be Continued.

EDIT: This seems to be a popular page, so here’s a link to some more photos from the game, including the end where the real BUF (British Union of Felines) turned up.

2 Responses to AVBCW Easter Sunday 2012

  1. A J says:

    Lovely set-up! Quite the pastoral scene, and great figures too.

    • Thanks, Herefordshire even in the C21 is still one of the most rural and least populated counties in England. So the board has to represent this.

      Figures are mostly by Musketeer, all painted by me only to a wargaming standard. Scenery is scratchbuild, from Hovels, Muttonchop (the postbox!), GW and others.

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